Monday, February 22, 2010

Painting Stencils Without bleeding/dripping?

We are painting a room in our house with a stencil. But when we tape the stencil on the wall, the paint drips and bleeds so that when we lift the stencil, it looks horrible. We've used an oil based paint and acrylic.

How do you get the paint not to bleed?Painting Stencils Without bleeding/dripping?
I love to stencil is what i do is i take spray adhesive and LIGHTLY spray it on the back of the stencil then i paint over it and once the paint drys if you put 2 much adhesive on it you can wipe it off. Also if you are using a thin paper stencil you can redo the stencil on a thicker material like cardboard or wood. But if you are use a paint brush to paint it on dab on it with little amounts of paint this and the adhesive will prevent dripping. But if you are spray painting it on use lighter coats and you must watch over spray to prevent over spray just place news paper around the stencil this takes longer but makes it look alot better. u can see this in my ID pic.Painting Stencils Without bleeding/dripping?
You can make your stencil out of draftsman's frisket film. . . . it looks like clear contact paper, but is just tacky enough to adhere without marring the surface! (Get it at an art or drafting store.)

Also, stenciling requires a dry brush application or the use of light layers. A stencil brush is cut so the painting surface is flat and stiff and you don't apply the paint in strokes, but rather you tap it on. That prevents pressure from shoving paint under your stencil.
well if you dont use a lot of paint on the first coat and then let that dry (and do the same thing for the rest of the coats) also when you tape the stencil up-tape the coners first and then once its up and you like it there,tape all the way across each side nice and tight so if it can drip and run on the walls

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